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Rejected from school....Need ADVISE


I was gloomy for a week after being rejected from my dream school. Luckily I didn't cry over as much as I thought I would.. I just felt little homesick thinking of my family and friends I left in my country and how much I had to sacrifice to become a nurse in the US.. yes it is a painful experience but have to let it go and keep moving forward.. I will reapply for Spring 2015.

Anyway here are some plans I came up with.

1. Psychology/nutrition minor or community health classes Which one do you think is better?

2. Learning a new language like Spanish. There are a large Hispanic population in my area. Should I take some conversational Spanish classes? or Rosetta Stone?

3. Medical internship. There is a pre-health major in the same university which is offering a medical internship. The thing is, I need to take additional general chemistry class and organic chemistry over this summer before applying to the hospital internship. Do you think its worth taking those two classes just to apply for an internship? I am thinking of becoming a nurse practitioner or physicians assistant. I know PA needs more chemistry classes but I am not sure if those classes would be useful when I apply for a nurse practitioner program.

4. Volunteer in hospital and American Red Cross

5. Applying for honor's school. The state university I am applying for has a really good honors classes and activities.. I might be able to apply for honors with another major like pre-health and get involved in research or other extracurricular activities for a semester.

6. Improving my English

What are the other plans you can advise?.. And is there anyone who has a minor in nutrition or psychology? Please share your thoughts and how much it helped in your nursing study..

Why aren't you considering applying to other nursing programs?

I searched for other programs but they are either more expensive or requiring different prerequisites.. I had a 3.93 GPA and my score qualifies me for the program that I applied to, but there were complicated problems in transferring documents for my visa. They said they will put me on their alternate list but I doubt I will get in.

Don't "assume" just do it girl. You never know ...it won't hurt to apply. I'm just saying.

It would be a shame for you to miss out on attending another nursing program that might have accepted you before you finish waiting on this one. It is not a given that you will be accepted here no matter how long you wait, unless that is how your present school's waiting list works. You should consider taking the one or two other prerequisites should you change your mind in the future.