Rejected by NYU, is it pointless to apply again?

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Hi everyone,

I applied for fall 18 semester of NYU's accelerated BSN program but got rejected. I'm guessing applying after priority deadline and having a lot of the prerequisites "in progress" didn't help my cause. My overall GPA was 3.2

I'm looking at other schools to apply to but NYU is really the only school that fits my needs (accelerated, BSN, can commute to)

I'm currently in LaGuardia doing my prerequisites so this is my "fall back school" (although my admission to their program is not guaranteed either!)

So my question is, has anyone been rejected by NYU but re-applied and got accepted? Or is it a waste of my $80 to reapply again for the spring 19 semester? Any other schools in the city I should look into?

I really appreciate any advice shared with me. Thank you!

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I would say, keep your options open. Apply to your preferred program but also apply to community colleges so that if you don't get into the ABSN, you don't waste time waiting. Also look into online ABSN programs like university of Texas at Arlington and find out what their requirements are. It's a good idea to find out why NYU didn't accept you, is it because you had classes in progress or is there a selection criteria. I went to nursing school in California and in my school we have a point system so for example, out of 100 points, you would need at least 70 points to get in. We got 40 points for having a 4.0 in A & P, and micro, 20 points for a 4.0 in the general eds, 4 points for being a CNA, and so on. Does NYU have something like that? Ask a counselor there. Also how competitive is it? While a 3.2 GPA is good, is it enough?

Have you tried Helene Fluid? They just started an accelerated program. Give them a call.

You can try College of New Rochelle. They are still accepting students, and you will hear from them pretty much immediately.

Did you try Phillips School of Nursing at Mount Sinai Beth Israel?

Are you willing to go to Brooklyn at SUNY Downstate?

I got rejected from NYU and PACE, don't give up! Try Phillips School of Nursing! Their accelerated program is new, the second cohort begins in August.

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