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Reimbursement for NP assisting in surgery working for private physician

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I am graduating from NP school in 2 weeks. I currently work as a CRNFA for an orthopedic surgeon and am negotiating new terms/pay to continue my employment with him as an NP. I'm okay with his proposed salary, however, i'm wondering if anyone out there works in this same capacity and also seeks bonus compensation based on reimbursement for being an assistant in surgery?

Also, the corporation no longer reimburses for licensure or membership in professional organizations. I was wondering if this is common practice or are there others out there who do have it negotiated into their contract?

thanks for your input!

Look into whether the patient's insurance is billed separate codes for surgeon time and assistant time, and take it from there. :)

A lot will deal with what type of orthopedics. Some cases get reimbursed for a first assist while many dont.

If your contract is RVU based the RVU for a first assist is 13.6 of the total case if it is reimbursable.

Depending on the type of cases done it may be possible your time is better spent in the clinic.

feel free to drop me a PM if you have other questions.

As NP with Fist Assist do they pay more or you are looking at same salary as NP? i am a new grad too and was thinking of becoming first assist certified in order to make myself more marketable and get better paying jobs. So far all of my offers have been around $85,000 or $90,000 max! Please advise. i was trying to inbox you but don't see that option