what is the average nurse/patient ratio

  1. I was offered a job at a nursing/rehab center, and I just found out that the nurse/patient ratio is 1:20.....I think this unsafe and crazy... does anyone agree?... I'm uncertain if I should accept this job.......any suggestions?
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  3. by   renerian
    That is what I had been told many times. One place had a one to 50 ratio for LTC.

  4. by   MandyInMS
    LTC facilties here 2:60 on days and evenings...1:60 on nights...is why i didn't care for LTC..toooo much stress/responsibility.
  5. by   kae rn
    That seems to be a fairly accurate ratio when working in a LTC facility. Too many I think. Have done it but never felt as though I did a great job. If you like rehab, look into a rehab hospital setting. The patients are fairly stable, but still need some medical care as well as spending a good portion of their day in therapy. That is where I am at and I think the ratios are great, although I do hear other nurses complain. Usually I have 6-7 patients with a LPN or aide depending on patient needs. I really enjoy it, getting to know my patients and their families.