1. started the restorative nurse position in April--have had to train myself as the last nurse walked out (now I can see why) only 2 people to question and one looks at me like she doesn't have a clue and 1 didn't have a very good reimbursement history with EDS surveys...
    anyone out there that knows a lot about this that would be willing to e-mail me??? My ED thinks the RAI manual is the bible and it's crap...EDS walked in my first day on the job so the good scores we got were from the nurse that walked out--
    I feel as if I am flying blind--I do what I think I need to do but we all know about that hindsight---I don't want to be so used to what I am doing and it be wrong or not detailed enough for reimbursement purposes...I occasionally talk to the nurse that walked out and she knows this like the back of her hand but I can't be calling her all the time--I just really wish I had gotten proper training and someone to check behind me to make sure I was getting it---someone with more knowledge--instead I know I am going to get slammed when survey times come...I am in Indiana BTW--any help at all out there????
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  3. by   takenbyjoy
    Wow! Wish I could help, but I have no knowledge of restorative care or the requirements. A good orientation makes always makes a new job go well. If the nurse who left doesn't mind you continuing to call her, I would say use that resource. She has the knowledge you need. Good Luck!
  4. by   Indynurse5618
    I have some experience with restorative nursing and it's not at all as complicated as it sounds. The RAI requires a written care plan, measurable goals, documentation of daily minutes, and periodic reviews by the nurse in charge of the program. Usually documentation is the problem. How many care plans are you dealing with?
  5. by   Indynurse5618
    Sorry about that - I'm new. I just realized your posting was pretty old. How's it going for you?