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  1. Hi Everyone! This is my very first message. I am a Training and Development Coordinator at a 180 bed Chronic care facility that has a 70 bed vent unit. The powers that be have just decided to add a new service- Pulmonary Rehab. I have no idea where to begin. I not even sure what role our nurses will play. Can some one define\examine pulonmary rehab nursing and how this might differ from daily pulmonary maintenance.
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  3. by   sb22
    I work in outpatient rehab and a large part of my job is pulmonary rehab. I teach them breathing techniques (pursed lip and diaphragmatic breathing), do some weighted diaphragmatic breathing (up to 4 lbs), teaching on nutrition, education about oxygen safety, inspiratory muscle trainers, etc.
    I work closely with a respiratory therapist and a physician. We also do some basic spirometries. Since I do outpatient I am a liason between treating and referring docs as well as patient to MD.
    Inpatient I think they do a lot with teaching families and patients to set up C-PAPs and Bi-PAPs at home.
    Another thing that I can't believe I forgot about is just being a listening ear for patients and family members. The anxiety level is so high for these people that they need someone to let them know that they will be able to get there next breath.
  4. by   USH
    Thank You that really helped. we are designing our program and I wasn't sure what nursing's role would be. Now I see that we will be the glue that holds it together.
  5. by   disher
    Wetpark rehab centre in toronto has an outpatient respiratory rehab program. For a description look inpatient services respiratory rehab service http://www.westpark.org/main.html
  6. by   USH
    Thanks I'll check it out!

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