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  1. Hey, I am a sophomore in college going into nursing. I really want to know about rehab nursing. is there a good website that i can go to to get info? i am kinda thinking about going into sports medicine now because i like working with joints and muscles and the like. is rehab nursing anything like that? i just need some answers i suppose and dont know where to look.
    thanks so much
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  3. by   CashewLPN
    okay... here goes... Rehab nursing is a nice specialty....
    You do a little bit of everything, and I do mean everything.... Depending on your hospital, you can do nuero, med-surg, ortho, cardiac, geriatric... you name it, you do it... In LTC, you can be doing rehab too... old, young.. in the middle...
    Usually, in the AM, the patients have their rehab sessions with the PT/OT team ,and in the evenings, they are up with the nurses... alot like a medsurg floor... same stuff...
    I personally like it... its what I've been doing for a long time...

    The nursing aspect is a nice one... here, like I said, we deal with everything... There tends to be more paperwork here, d/t different insurance matters.... but, its dealable...

  4. by   disher
    The Association of Rehab Nursing has a website that contains a definition of rehab nursing and role descriptions.

  5. by   wendilynn
    Hi there,

    Well, I have been doing rehab for a couple of years. It is a speciality. There are different kinds of rehab....there is orthopaedic, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, neurological etc.

    There are a wide range of patient ages, from the young to the old.

    There is certification that you can get to become a certified rehabilitation registered nurse.

    Patients are not in their room all day. They go to the gym for their exercises and they come back to their rooms. You work closely with the physical and occupational therapists.

    Some people say that rehab is like working in a nursing home. Well, I work in acute rehab and it is far from a nursing home. We hang blood, administer IV's, etc.

    Hope this is of help. Good luck


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