Advice on Cushion Seating - page 2

As some of you remember, I had posted a while ago about my uncle being a quadriplegic and unable to talk because he suffered from a stroke. Anyway, he has been in the hospital/nursing home since... Read More

  1. by   OTconsideringBSN
    They can fit it to his strengths, so if he has good head control, they could use a head wand, which he can use to tap onto a screen to select his words. There is also a mouth wand, works the same way. There is also eye gaze, which just works by focusing his eyes on parts of the screen. If he is still pretty new on the trach though, his speech still may improve. We've had many people in rehab who still have very soft voices when they are new to a trach but can get quite a bit louder after they have had it for awhile and practice speaking.
  2. by   my4helpers
    I hope his voice gets stronger. He's had his trach since Sept. 2010 though. He has great head control so that's a plus!
  3. by   SkiMama
    Therapy should be able to order cushions direct from the supplier for him. I can't believe that all he has is a thin pad - our facility has many styles of cushions for pt use and most of them are ROHO as another poster described. Maybe the family can buy one for him if the facility won't get proper cushions - the OT/PT can order it. You will do better in price to order one through therapy directly.