Rehab nurses, what's GADS?

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I was talking to a nurse recruiter the other day and she said that her facility, they are looking for nurses who know how to use the GADS acronym. Does anyone know what she's talking about?

I googled it, and came up with nothing...maybe I heard her wrong, but I'm just not sure.

Looking forward to the answer!

The only medical this I came up was this:

Gillian Asperger Disorder Scale

I wonder is SHE knows what she's talking about

If you can't find anything, and you are really interested in the position there - why not shoot her a quick email and ask her about it? At least asking shows you're actually interested and willing to do some research to pursue a position with them. Something like, I'm really interested in this position, and I know you talked about the GADS acronym in our interview/chat the other day and I would like to spend the time making sure that I am looking for the right scale/care plan/whatever it is (obviously better worded - it's late here my brain is only firing on half power!), could you point me in the right direction of what it stands for or is promoting better care for. But like Sleeepy - I couldn't find anything except the Gillian Asperger Disorder Scale just doing a quick search for it.

You probably heard GABS. (Gait and balance scale...)

Ok, I got the job, and the GADS term never came up...I guess the HR lady didn't know what she was talking about. The only acronym we use is FIM. I haven't heard GABS either...btw, I am working in an inpatient acute care rehab unit, I was working at a skilled nursing/rehab facility and I like working in the hospital much better. At the other place, I could have up to 15 patients and only 1 cna, at the hospital I never have more than 6 pts, and usually 1 cna. Plus the 12 hour shift makes it easier to finish work by the end of the shift.

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