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I am a new graduate nurse currently living in Toronto. I've been looking for an RN position since last year. Recently, I am offered a permanent part time position in london health sciences centre at london, ON in their Palliative Unit. The only problem is I also got an offer for a temp part time position at Lakeridge hospital in Oshawa in their In patient Rehab unit. Now, I am confused whether to which position to take. Convenience wise, Lakeridge is closer to home and I dont have to rent. However, being a temp part time bothers me the most because of the instability of the job. London Health Sciences on the other hand, is a huge teaching hospital. A new grad like me would benefit to their mentorship program. However, I love Toronto and my family is here.

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That's really not a question that we can help with.Which job to choose is pretty much up to you.They both look like good option.You may want to consider that in today's job market the permanent part time might be the better option.London isn't that far and you can always visit. You don't have to stay there forever and London is an excellent hospital.

Temporary part time? What is the end date? In my hospital the temp lines all have end dates so you know what you are going into. It's either mat leave coverage, extended sick leave or they have funding to create a new position. I've known people who went in to temp lines and stayed for three years.

What does your head say because it's your life.

Personally, if *I* was faced with this decision... I would take the part time temp, especially if I'm staying with the 'rents. *I* hate paying rent (lol, who does anyway?) because *my* main concern is paying off OSAP. Every bit of money counts and if my 'rents are allowing me to live with them rent free, then I'm going to take their offer so that I can pay of OSAP asap. You can always look for another job whilst you finish off this temporary position. I find that Toronto/GTA is a lot more receptive to those who have at least SOME experience. After my HFO job was done, they didn't offer a permanent job but I still managed to land another job after 1 month of finishing the contract. My co-worker in the same HFO position found a job within 2 months. We were both scared that we would not find a job, so we were really aggressive with our job hunt. You're situation is different from mine so you have to think about your priorities outside of work (i.e., paying off OSAP, renting, food). Things to consider:

- How soon do you want to pay off OSAP? (If you have any to pay off)

- If you rent, are you willing to get roommates or do you prefer to live alone? Food budget?

- If you rent, how often are you going to visit TO/GTA? How much would it cost you to visit?

- How resourceful are you when it comes to job hunting (if you stay for the temp position)? Are you picky with jobs?

- What is your main short/long term goals?

- Are you social? Are you able to make friends easily? (It's hard moving away from friends and family)

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