Regret not going to medical school?

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After being a RN and earning your Master's, does anyone regret NOT going to medical school? and why? thanks!


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the only thing I'd like about it is someone calling me doctor. and I cant think of a worse reason to dedicate that much of my life to that.

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I regret not going to med school and becoming a doctor since that is what I wanted to be since the age of 8. I still think I would have made a much better doctor than nurse, although I am a darn good nurse without question. I still may return to college and become a doctor if I can gain entrance into a medical program at the age of fifty. I'd love to give it a shot! :)


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I thought about going to med school, but I want a life. I do not want to live to work, I want to work to live.


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It seems to me that CRNAs end up with more money in the long run. If you want the doctor title, get your PhD. It's only a couple more years. Leslie.

CRNAs can make just as much money as a family practice doc. And they don't have to spend $250,000 getting their education. I agree with Alan, the thought of being called "Dr." is appealing, but that is a HORRIBLE reason to go to med school!

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