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Hi, how are you all Californians? I just signed up with a Registry in the Los Angeles area. I work full-time in a hospital and interested in getting into a New Grad Program Acute Care setting since I've only been a BSN, RN for several months. Should I get ACLS to strengthen my resume in getting into a New Grad Program?

Thanks and enjoy your weekend!

renerian, BSN, RN

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I think that would be an excellent move! renerian

Qwiigley, CRNA

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I'm surprised that a registry would hire a new grad.


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im planning to move from Jersey to CA and I continue to hear about registry nursing? I dont know what that is. can someone explain please, is that a CA thing?


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Nursing registraries provide temp nurses to hospitals and other facilities on a contract basis. You work for the agency instead of the hospital. This way you can test the waters in various hospitals and look for where you might want to work permanently. As far as I know this is not a local or regional practice. My friend got registry work in NJ after graduating from a CA school years ago.


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O okay, U are absolutely right, excpet in Jeresey we say Agency nurses. but its the same thing. Thank you.

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