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Im 1994 graduates of BSN in philippines, im planning to take NCLEX early 2015, anybody has applied and denied by Ca BON due to concurrency issue. I dont want to waste money just to be refused by Ca BON. Im currently working in UK as a nurse.,my PRC licensed has expired many years ago. Pls advise, i preparing for the exam now.,and would like to register asap in Ca BON.,or any suggestion wherever state. Thanks..

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The better question is what state do you wish to live & work? Do you have work rights or will you require sponsorship? Are you experienced in a specialty area that would give an employer incentive to hire you over a local grad that does not require sponsorship?

You can apply to CABRN for a nursing license by examination as an internationally educated nurse but know 1. If denied, fees are non refundable 2. If you don't have a valid US social security number your application will automatically be rejected by CABRN


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You may be okay given you graduated previous to the 2004 year where the vast majority of PH students and nurses are getting denied left and right.

However, the CA BRN does require a valid and current PH nursing license, it's listed on the application form.

You may be given 3 years to complete this, assuming you have the proper working SS#