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Registered Psychiatric Nurses

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Does anyone know if it is possible to transpher to other things like LPN or RN? (alot of the classes are half lpn and rn)

Is a bachelors degree in Psychiatric Nursing make me eligible for getting liscenced as a rn aswell as rpn?

If i decide i dont like it after my clinicals (which are about to start) can i transpher into something else?

i am in the program from siast which ends in a diploma currently getting all honours :) :yeah:

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I'm having a hard time understanding what you're asking. The designation registered psychiatric nurse only exists in Western Canada so your license is useless elsewhere in Canada. In order to become licensed in any other province you must apply for licensure through the provincial regulatory body for nurses and see what they say. Most likely you will have to return to school to upgrade your skills as comparable to that of an RN. In Central and Eastern Canada both LPNs and RNs work in psych nursing at all different facilities - hospitals, psych hospitals, corrections, etc.


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I know that in Alberta RPNs can work in acute care. You need to check this out with your governing body.

All I really know is that here, it's still a diploma programme. And as usual, LPNs get shafted when applying. Two year PN diploma gets a few transfer credits for the general Arts and not much else.

But for the first year and half i am with the BSN nursing students then i go and branch off for a year in psych courses then clinicals during all of this i should be able to go into last half of the second year should i not?

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As far as I am aware Psychiatric training in the provinces that accept Psychiatric nurses have their own college in the same way that RN's have their own college. Therefore you will have to meet the college of RN's requirements as well as pay fees in the same way you would for Psychiatric college. Your transcripts will have to include hours both clinical and theory in Obstetrics, Paeds and general adult as well as Mental health. Just because you follow BSN then branch off doesn't mean you will meet requirements.