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After reading so much on here about ADN vs BSN programs it sparked my curiosity... What did or does your ADN program offer for courses? I graduated last May from a 2(+) ADN program and... Read More

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    Nursing program prerequisite - PNN147 Nursing Essentials I or proof of satisfactory completion of a 75-hour Nurse Aide course and listed as current on the Nurse Aide Registry (Iowa Certificate from the Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals) or a college transcript indicating completion of a Nurse Aide program.

    Number Course Name Credits
    Term I
    BIO175 Human Anatomy 3
    BIO176 Human Anatomy Lab 1
    CSC105 Computer Essentials 1
    HSC113 Medical Terminology 2
    HSC268 Health Career Certifications 0.5
    PNN265 Nutrition 3
    PSY111 Introduction to Psychology 3
    Total 13.5
    Term II
    HSC139 Healthcare BLS 0.5
    PNN148 Nursing Essentials II 2
    PNN231 Pharmacology 3
    PNN501 Nursing of Adults I 3
    PNN711 Nursing Clinical I 2
    Total 10.5
    Term III
    PNN401 Mental Health Nursing 1
    PNN431 Maternal Child Nursing I 2
    PNN714 Nursing Clinical II 2
    PSY121 Developmental Psychology 3
    Total 8
    Term IV
    ENG105 Composition I 3
    PNN311 PN Issues and Trends 1
    PNN331 Nursing Seminar 1
    PNN504 Nursing of Adults II 3
    PNN717 Nursing Clinical III 2
    Total 10

    Associate Degree Nursing - Level II

    Number Course Name Credits
    Term V
    ADN141 Advanced Nursing Theory 1
    AND479 Mental Health Nursing II 3
    ADN711 Nursing Clinical IV 2
    SPC112 Public Speaking 3
    Humanities elective 1
    Total 10
    Term VI
    ADN421 Maternal Child Nursing II 3
    ADN714 Nursing Clinical V 2
    BIO178 Human Physiology 3
    BIO179 Human Physiology Lab 1
    MAT105 Elements of Contemporary Math 2
    Total 11
    Term VII
    ADN571 Advanced Nursing Adults I 3
    ADN717 Nursing Clinical VI 2
    BIO187 Microbiology with Lab 4
    Fine Arts elective 1
    Total 10
    Term VIII
    ADN311 RN Issues and Trends 1
    ADN574 Advanced Nursing Adults II 3
    ADN720 Nursing Clinical VII 2
    ADN841 Nursing Seminar Ii 1
    SOC110 Introduction to Sociology 3
    Total 10