Start Early and Pay More or Wait and Pay Less?

  1. So I have the choice of graduating from my current RN to BSN program in October of this year or wait until next year. It would be perfect for a local MSN program that I am interested in. The only problem is the cost. I would have to pay out of pocket, but I could start in January 2013. On the other hand, I would have to wait until the fall of 2013 to qualify for several programs that offer scholarships. I'm wondering if I'm making a big mistake by going forward with this program in January. The reason is want to start early is that I just want start early (The sooner the better). What should I do?
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  3. by   caliotter3
    I would go with saving money if money is an issue, and where isn't it an issue? But, if the urge to start early, is that much of an urge, well, why not go for it? Maybe you need to toss a coin!
  4. by   classicdame
    if the money is tight, but not impossible, consider this: You might stand a better chance with the scholarships if you are enrolled. Try contacting the nursing department secretary. They have helped me help students in the past with financial aid.
  5. by   iamaca2000
    My question is are you already working as an RN? Maybe it is just me but if you have not worked as a RN for long I would wait to start the MSN program. I think there are too many RNs out there going back to get their MSNs without enough experience under their belt. I don't know if this is the case for you, but I had to question it.
  6. by   NewTexasRN
    Yes. I currently have 3 years of experience and will have 5 when I graduate. I have done ICU, neuro, med/surg, oncology, radiology oncology, orthopedics, telemetry, homecare, and so forth. I work for 4 different hospitals.
  7. by   lovedijah
    I would hold off and try to go for the scholarship. I only say this, because you are working now. Worse case scenario to happen is you will pay out of pocket. Yet if you wait, you can save money- so maybe paying out of pocket will be a bit easier.

    Then again, I just want school to be over and done with so I can "move on" with life. If you are this way, just get it over and done with now.
  8. by   Melissa0181
    Generic answer: think about the pros and cons of each option, think about your current circumstances, and think about what would benefit you most in the long run. No one can answer those questions for you and ultimately you will be responsible for whatever choices you make. Congratulations for continuing your education and I wish you the best.
  9. by   mdgale
    Let's take money out of the equation. A Master's program will require you to draw upon past nursing experiences. Do you have any? Will you truly have a wealth of them by January?? Most Master's programs require a thesis or capstone project. This is your life's work, so to speak. Will you truly know your passion in nursing and be able to research a topic that you really care about? You know that you are passionate about being a nurse but I bet that you have not yet found your true passion in nursing. Areas that spark you rinterest, yes but passion, no. Wait, save your money, and your sanity.

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