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  1. Hi, Just qualified not long ago and I'm trying to find my first post......I've done a personal statement as best I could, the job description was pretty vague so there wasn't anything specific as such to grasp, but if anyone could give me some pointers it would be most appreciated

    sorry to ramble and thanks again!

    I am a hardworking and enthusiastic recently graduated RGN seeking their first position; eager to be a valued and excellence contribute to the nursing team. I am seeking the opportunity to build on current skills and continue to provide a high standard of care for patients and their families.
    Currently awaiting registration I have recently completed a 3 year degree course and gained a BSc in Adult Nursing, with overall satisfactory grades. During that time I have had a number of clinical placements and as such it is essential to be flexible and adaptable to changes. The last consisted of 3 months on a management placement in X; a 30 bedded acute medical ward receiving both medical and coronary/HDU/ITU step down patients as well as day cases for various procedures. While on the ward I was placed with the duty of caring for a bay of 6 patients and 2 side rooms; consisting of assessment of patient's needs, (observations, water low scores, mobility, nutritional status, etc), assisting patients with personal care, working along with the MDT to provide care as well as acting as an advocate for patients when they felt something was wrong and discussing these issues with the appropriate people while maintaining the patients' rights to unbiased and confidential care.
    In addition to my aforementioned duties I worked with student nurses in lower years and when appropriate assisted them in their own learning, for example if I was about to perform a catheter change with the patients consent and ensuring it was acceptable with the nurse in charge I would ask the other students if they wished to observe plus answering any questions they had.
    I have gained a wide range of skills through-out my training both technical and non-technical with a few keys examples being:
    - Communication
    Having experienced a range of clinical environments as well as a range of cliental groups I have gained a firm grasp on good communication within both the multi-disciplinary team as well as with patients and their families, using both verbal and non-verbal means. I am an active listener and always try to provide information in a manner that is clear and concise, ensuring the person has fully understood.
    - Team working and leadership
    During my time on placement with the various areas I worked with different teams and as such learnt that is important to engage with others, considering their opinions and limitations while accepting my own. For example as previously mentioned during my management placement I was left with a bay consisting of 6 patients and 2 side rooms, therefore it was essential to know who on my team I could turn to for guidance and ensure that I could depend on the health care assist in my bay but also that I remained approachable to offer support for them as well when required.
    - Situational awareness
    This constituted of being aware what was happening in the area, the possible consequences and having a plan for the worst case scenario. I ensured that I; was aware of the environment, if there were any spillages or equipment that could pose as a hazard, had assessed all patients under my care and knew what their observations were, as well as considering who was working in my team and understood their limitations in relation to providing care.

    In summary; I have been described by mentors as a confident, dependable, self-motivated individual who always gives their best, integrates well into a team and shows excellence standards of communication within the team as well as with patients and their relatives.
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  3. by   BSNbeDONE

    Have you taken the NCLEX yet? What is a RGN? Are you trying to get a job as a patient care technician (PCT) while you wait for licensure, or are you trying to get a position as a graduate nurse (GN)? A clearly stated goal is a must. I would suggest writing out certain things as opposed to using abbreviations. Also, if the above is an actual copy/paste letter that you plan to submit with an application, it needs to be revised since there are quite a few grammatical errors and some statements that should be paraphrased altogether ("I worked with student nurses in lower years").

    I definitely would not submit this 'cover letter' as it is. I think a major revision is in order.
  4. by   Been there,done that

    Cover letter and resume' writing can be daunting. Research them. In the case of a cover letter... 3 things are required:
    why you are writing, what you have to offer and how you will follow up.

    Remember that HR folks only want to scan your info... to find what they need. You must be brief and concise.

    Good luck!