New Jersey City University nursing 2018 cohort

  1. Hello I wanted to know if anyone was thinking about attending the 2018 NJCU cohort for nursing in September 2018?
    Also has anyone graduated or currently in? I have one last prereq to do which is Microbiology. I just need some in-site
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  3. by   dvl36
    Good luck with the application process, Dianaju!! I recently got accepted in to the program. Hopefully I'll be able to provide some insight once I start the the program in September.
  4. by   Dianaju
    Congrats on the acceptance!!!!!!!!!!!! Best of luck to you. Now are you still going to keep your job or will you be unemployed? Also was the application process a hassle? How late can you submit your transcript?
  5. by   Dianaju
    @ dvl36 Congrats on the acceptance!!!!!!!!!!!! Best of luck to you. Now are you still going to keep your job or will you be unemployed? Also was the application process a hassle? How late can you submit your transcript?
  6. by   dvl36
    Thanks!! I'm still going to keep my job. We need to have health insurance while in the program and thankfully job is crazy flexible and letting me work the minimum amount to hours to be considered a full-time employee and keep my benefits. Once I receive my class schedule, I'll have a better sense of when I can make up the the 24 hours of work at my job. Plus, my job offers partial tuition reimbursement that I can take advantage of if I'm full-time. I'm honestly not sure how I'll manage and at this point I can only hope and pray for the best.

    The application process was not too bad. There is a great deal of stress involved when it comes to waiting for NursingCAS to verify your transcripts. I actually submitted my transcripts pretty late in the game, but my grades were verified 10 days after submission (which was about a week before the absolute final deadline date that NJCU set- anything received after that would not have been considered). Some people on the boards were mentioning that they submitted their applications two months beforehand and waited that entire period before verification. If I were you, submit your transcripts as early as possible just to avoid the stress. If you submit it beforehand then it'll definitely be verified on time. The same thing can be said about your references. Just FYI, your application doesn't start the verification process until you pay for your application which is the very last step in the process. I initially thought that once NursingCAS received my transcripts then that meant that they could start verifying my app, but nope- gotta submit and pay first.

    Once you start the application process later this year and if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me. I'd be happy to help!
  7. by   dvl36
    Also, don't freak out if you don't do so well on the HESI. I got an 84 on the test and I could have sworn I wouldn't get in because of it. NJCU looks at your app holistically!
  8. by   Dianaju
    @dvl36. That is great that your job is that flexible with hours and tuition. Unfortunately that's not my case I would have to quite all together. But I guess I'll try to get healthcare through some government assistant idk. But as for my transcript I am just nervous because my last prereq is Microbiology and I wont be done with that until 12/22/2017. So I guess I'll send over all my other transcripts from my whole undergrad and wait for those grades to post. I just hope it will be before the deadline.
  9. by   dvl36
    Don't be nervous! I was in the same boat in terms of waiting for my grades. You'll absolutely have plenty of time before the deadline.
  10. by   BFess
    Hi Diana,

    I've been working on my prereqs for the NCJU ABSN 2018 cohort since November, and will be done with them this week after I take my finals. Time flies, there is finally a thread about the 2018 class! Haha. I look forward to starting the application process in October, and getting to know some potential nursing classmates.

  11. by   Dianaju
    Hi Brittany

    Yea I have my last pre req which is microbiology. I'll be taking that is September and will be done in December . In the meantime I am also studying for the Hesi. I want to do well on it so so nervous I tell you
  12. by   Francint
    hello! I just started my pre reqs this summer. I'm taking A&P 1 and 2, each is a 6 week course so it's been busy! I will be finishing Micro biology in December, so same boat as you.

    I am applying for the 2018 cohort, but I haven't decided if I will apply to the Wall or Jersey City campus.

    Does anyone have any insight on the 2 campuses?

    Also, I haven't started studying for the HESI yet. What are you doing to prepare?

  13. by   Dianaju
    @Francint I actually want to apply to the Jersey City campus just because its closer to me and plus it gives me more time to get all my proper paper work in since their deadline is further out. As for the Hesi I bought the Elsevier 3rd edition because i seen a lot of people on recommend it. I also bought the Trivium study guide since that has more in depth reading for A&P and Biology, but I think you will be fine with A&P since it'll be fresh in your mind. I took A&P last semester so i just want to brush up on it. As for Bio I took that last year so I really have to read up on that. For right now i am not studying too hard just reading the book every other day but as the time get closer i will be studying more.
  14. by   Uniquezapata
    Hi guys,

    I am also applying to the 2018 njcu cohort. I have to take microbiology this fall as well! I am so nervous and hope to get in, especially since I am doing a career change and left my teaching job. I am glad to see there is finally a thread for the 2018 applicants. Is there any information session by any chance that anyone knows of about the program. Hope to keep in touch. Fingers crossed to all of us.

    Unique Zapata