Job Possibilites with ADN or BSN

  1. Hi,
    I am a nursing student and really do not think I like the hospital setting, but I have only been in Med/Surg so I am sure there are better areas. But, I am curious what other careers are available to an RN (ADN but certainly moving on to BSN). I also have a BS in Exercise Science and would love to work in something Fitness related, but I that is just a dream world.

    I am just looking to hear from all you in the know as to what my options would be career wise outside of the hospital or at least outside of floor work.

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  3. by   classicdame
    Our cardiac/pulmonary rehab has RN's on staff in case patients crap out while exercising, or need education on meds, etc. and other reasons. Might try those facilities (some are not affiliated with hospitals)
  4. by   RLeeRN
    I have an ADN and was offerred employment in the hospital setting as well as at the local county jail as a corrections nurse. Depending on your state requirements you could become a public health nurse for your state as well. Some states require a BSN minimum and a certificate for Public Health ( ie. California), but others will accept an ADN prepared RN. There is also the possibility of Private nursing care in someones home or business. It really varies from state to state and among various institutions as well. Hope this gives you some different ideas to search out.
  5. by   roser13
    Ambulatory surgery centers, endoscopy centers, long-term care facilities, primary care/peds/internal medicine practices, surgeon offices, school nursing, rehabilitation centers, assisted living centers, insurance companies, oncology centers, factories/industrial sites, workers' comp companies, nursing agencies, psychiatric hospitals......I'm sure there are more.