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I've been browsing for awhile, but this is my first post. I was recently accepted to Samuel Merritt College's accelerated BSN program and am having second thoughts about the high tuition. I would... Read More

  1. by   amzyRN
    If you do a search for Samuel Merritt College in the allnurses engine, you can check out some old threads that relate to that school in particular. I asked the same question before and I got mixed reviews. One person told me (who did the SF ABSN program) that she loved it and that it was well worth it, that the professors were good, good clinical experiences, and that SMC students are well regarded in the communities in which they work. She said that it took time to find work and that it was a good idea to apply to new grad training programs before graduating. I don't think she mentioned if SMC will automatically give you a job just through clinicals and being associate with the program. I wouldn't count on it. On the bad side, I heard some bad things from other students in the regular BSN program, that professors were unfair and discriminated against students, etc. But the professors are different for each program, I think. I believe that the faculty is different for the accelerated program than from the regular BSN program. Also, from what I read, it seems like SMCs masters program is excellent and probably better than the accelerated BSN program. Hope that helps for now.