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  1. Hi AllNurses.

    I am writing on behalf of my mother. She's been an RN for nearly 25 years but never got her bachelors degree. She's done hospital work, home health, and now works at a biotech company. She has no intention of going back to the hospital but wants to get her degree.

    She would really rather avoid doing the clinical portion of the online BSN or MSN programs so I was hoping someone knows if she might be able to get around the clinical portion of it.

    Are there programs that are flexible for experienced nurses and not only for recent grads? Are there are experienced RN's that went back to school later in their careers and got around the clinical/practicuum? Any programs that take the years of experience into consideration and not just grades?


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    Thanks MaryCarney. I looked them up but it looks like they require minimum 90 hours of clinical experience. Maybe it means as a requirement for admission? Have you gone through this program?
  5. by   marycarney
    I have, and the 90 hours are for the Community Health course. The clinical hours are at YOUR place of choosing, on YOUR timeframe. (You can visit clinics, do outreach events etc. And since the terms are 6 months long, this is EASILY do-able while still working)

    I have two WGU degrees, and would be happy to have her email me for more info.
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    Lamar University online RN to BSN, Beaumont, Texas
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    I am considering going back for my BSN and have not worked in the hospital for 15 years. I have been on administration for the insurance area but need to get into another area of nursing. Will I have clinicals to brush up on my skills? I am unsure of my career path now. The area is saturated with nursing schools also. I still have kids to put through college and am in my 50's but unfortunately will have to work for quite awhile and build up my 401k plan while my kids go to college.
    How will a BSN open up doors for jobs? I have a lot of experience but in hospital nursing it is very old.
    What type of clinicals and can a nurse who has been out of the clinical area be able to pick it up?
    I did go back to school several years ago for an additional associates degree and did very well but am not going in that direction. I also have a BA before I went to nursing school also.