Good Reputation? -OR- More Money??

  1. I need opinions. I am a new RN grad. I take boards in 2 weeks. I have a job as a Nurse Extern at a hospital 15 min. from my home. My responsibilities are that of a CNA, and I am more prepared for nursing. One of my good "nursing school buddies" got me this job. She is an LPN there and still going for her RN. She graduates in December. I am thankful for the experience. Although...... The facility isn't clean.... AND it has a horrible horrible reputation. Every time I tell anyone where I work, they all look at me with a face of disgust & tell me how they wouldn't go there if they needed a band-aid. UH! I want to be proud of where I work. SO>..... That leads me to my other choice.

    There is another hospital 30 minutes away from my home. It has a GREAT reputation. Nurses that get a job there NEVER leave. They are known for their great nurses & doctors. It is almost impossible to get a job there as a new grad, but I know I can get a job there if I put my mind to it.

    With all of that said.... I am lost. I don't want to leave my current job because I will hurt my friend.. BUT..... I want to be happy where I work.

    Oh, and the job I am currently at I will have a position as a RN on the floor where I want. They also pay more per hour than the hospital with the great reputation.

    I know it is ultimately my decision. I just need to know from a nurses standpoint. Is it worth it to leave the hospital where I will see all kinds of cases (because it is a busy med-surg/ stepdown unit) to get a job where I will feel "clean" and proud of myself??? Even if it means starting in a area not of my choice? Thank you in advance for any comments.
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  3. by   HouTx
    One of the most enduring FACTS of job-hunting in any field is that No employer ever pays more than they have to.... corollary - if a job has a much higher salary than competitors, it's because they HAVE to pay that much to get people to work there.

    More money is a way to get people in the door, but it seldom is enough to get them to remain. Go with your gut feeling.
  4. by   Equestrian
    Thanks for the response. I wouldn't have anything holding me back if it wasn't for my nursing school friend that got me the job.
  5. by   Catch22Personified
    I'm in a similar situation however my friend that got me the job there flat out tells me to use the facility as a stepping stone to better things. Your friend would be happy for you if you got the job at the better facility.