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  1. Hello nurses,

    I am an RN student in Twin Falls Idaho and I will graduate May 11th. I have much of my BSN work done, just a few classes I could not take until I graduated. My question is, what seems to be the benefits of having your BSN besides being able to go into management? In my area there isn't really a pay difference so I am hoping there are other benefits.
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  3. by   Tweety
    Very good questions. There is an interesting thread about pay here:

    Beginning novice nurses both ADNs and BSNs basically do the same thing at the bedside when they come out of nursing school and you're going to find that they make similar salaries, and will continue to do so if you remain at the bedside.

    Getting the BSN has advantages beyond the bedside. I'm not sure how old you are but we are never sure where our journey of nursing will lead us. 20 years from now you might not be able or willing to work the bedside or hospital nursing anymore. Besides management, you can get into community health, public/patient safety, quality control, case management, research, drug rep, teaching (experienced BSNs can teach clinical groups, but not teach in the classroom here) just to name a few.