Diff. between 2yr. RN & 4 yr. RN degrees?

  1. i'm interested in starting a 2 yr. rn progam at a community college, but what is the real big difference between the 2 yr. & 4 yr. programs? do 4 yr. rn's get more money or do they basically start out at the same salary with either degree? if anyone has any info. i would appreciate it.

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  3. by   Tweety
    New grad ADNs and BSNs start out taking the same NCLEX and start out at entry level bedside positions usually making similar amounts of money. Some hospitals pay a small differential for the BSN. But for the most part they start out the same, which makes sense because both programs graduate entry level RNs passing the same NCLEX.

    The BSN is more of an investment in the future, as one gets experience one can transfer to non-bedside positions in public health, eductation, management, research and other positions that are BSN-required.

    The difference in cirricullum varies as many ADNs schools have added more and more classes to graduate nurses a few classes away from a BSN. When I went ADN to BSN I took over a dozen classes, many were core cirricullum classes like Humanties, Statistics and Religion. Nursing courses were Pharmacology, Pathophys., Assessment (a bit more detailed than my ADN classes), research, leadershisp, aging, community health, and population focused nursing.

    We have many threads hear dealing with the subject. Good luck in your program.



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    thank you for the great info. & those links are very helpful !!

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    You're welcome. That's what we're here for.