Cna to bsn??? Is that possible??

  1. I attended a 4 yr college and needed only 3 (science) classes to graduate with my bachelor's in biology. I basically completed the classes but the last 2 weeks of school alot of personal things arose and I just quit and received F's in the 3 classes . A HUGE mistake! I'm so overwhelmed because all I was missing was a few assignments. I decided to pursue nursing in my 3rd year of school. Now that a year has passed I want to see if I could try to somehow go for my Bsn. I recently applied for a cna training at a nursing home that guarantees a full time position and tuition assistance after a yr of working with them. However, I don't know if this is the right path for me. I don't want to waste any more time, I just want to try to get into a bsn program and I would like to know how should I go about doing so? Can I do a bsn program without a completed degree? If I do need a degree how would I go about completing the 3 classes that I need? PLEASE HELP!!!! I've been doing alot of research and I'm sooooo confused. Where do I go from here???
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  3. by   sst73
    You are sitting pretty well. There is only one CNA to BSN that I know of and it is called nursing school. However, being 3 classes from a bachelor's degree you have a really good option available. If you finish the three classes and get your BS in Biology then there is such a thing as an accelerated BS nursing degree available to you where you can finish in 1 year (all 3 semesters). That would be the route I would take if I were you... Hope it helps and Good Luck!!!!
  4. by   heatheryk
    My advice would be to finish your BS and the do an accelerated BSN in 1 year or an MSN in 3 years. Talk to your local admissions couselors to find out what is available in your area. Good luck!
  5. by   caliotter3
    You can go directly into a BSN program if you are accepted. The 3 Fs might pose a minor problem in that they probably placed you into an "academic probation" type status at that school. Should be able to explain that or have the probation lifted. The CNA may or may not help, not always necessary for admission. I agree with the previous poster, however, must caution you that accelerated BSN programs are known to be difficult, and there are people who have to transfer to traditional BSN programs because of the fast pace.
  6. by   LilMSSunshine
    Yep. Since you are only 3 classes away from completing your B.S. in Biology why not finish it up, and then apply to a BSN program. There are 3 types of BSN programs:

    RN-BSN: for those who already are registered nurses
    "Generic" BSN- The regular paced BSN
    Accelerated BSN: BSN at a faster pace.

    It really depends on what you got those Fs in. Did you get those Fs in pre reqs for nursing school? If so retake those classes, and do your best in them.

    Since you have your CNA that looks good. It shows that you are serious about nursing, and some schools may give you an extra point in the admissions process if they use the point system.

    You can apply to most generic BSN even if you have a degree. If you don't then that's the one you would apply to anyway unless you were already a registered nurse.

    Good luck!