BSN preferred???

  1. I have a BS degree and I'm going for my ADN... I always like to look at the positions open for RN's at the hospital that I would like to work at here, however, almost every RN position states... "BSN preferred"... and it's starting to worry me that I won't find a job if I don't have the BSN...

    Anyone apply for a position that preferred a BSN without having it and got the position? I'm just curious if I should start considering going for the BSN a bit more strongly or not...

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  3. by   Altra
    The largest university-affiliated hospital system in my area advertises many of its positions "BSN preferred." They hire plenty of RNs without a BSN, and in fact have 2 diploma schools within their system and recruit, hire & promote many of these nurses as well.

    If available positions are reasonably plentiful in your area, the lack of a BSN should be no barrier for you.
  4. by   Tweety
    BSN preferred does not mean required.

    More than half of entry level bedside positions are filled by ADN's. You have nothing to worry about.