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I know this will vary greatly by region, but what is the average pay for an entry-level nurse (right out of school) with an Associates in Nursing versus a Bachelors in Nursing? Has anyone found that... Read More

  1. by   Nurse2b7337
    I have a degree in Healthcare Administration from the UOP. I am current,y finishing up prereq's for a degree as a ADN. What are my chances of receiving a position in management, if any? Thanks in advance for your suggestions.
  2. by   RNKel
    At my hospital, BSN gets you a quarter more per hour. I was a single mom doing it all on my own, needed my degree fast, chose an ADN program which has a better rep than the local BSN program, and have never regretted it. My student loans are about $10K less than they would've been w/ the BSN so I couldn't see .25/hour doing me much good.
  3. by   RNKel
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  4. by   RNKel
    Quote from MandaRN94
    I have to disagree -ADN and BSN school is not the same. I do believe the BSN should be mandatory. If we want to be thought of as professionals we need to have the education to back it up. Yes , taking care of pts is important , blah blah, blah but the BSN also educates nurses about critical thinking skills and theory. Any one can be taught to put in a foley in -nursing needs to be more than a trade school.
    FYI, critical thinking was taught from day one in my ADN program. That's what it's all about. Skills can be taught to a monkey ~ that was a quote from one of my nursing instructors. We were taught to be good nurses, not trade workers.
  5. by   nurse1123
    Im 23 and just finished my BSN and got licensed...so yes it was 4 years, and the nursing core classes are the same, but it is worth the investment! & of course all the rude comments towards BSN nurses come from ADN nurses!
    At the end of the day we are a NURSE! Patient care is our main focus, and the advantage of a BSN prepared nurse is that we can go into management, which is huge! & yes we are looked up to as "professionals"
    But again patients are our main concern, and thats what matters.
    Im from Texas, and the difference in pay is $4.25 as of now..
  6. by   g!RN
    what hospital is that ???!!!!!!????!!!! that pays almost $45/hr to new grads ?
  7. by   AZMOMO2
    Big teaching hospital, magnet status, only hiring BSN new grad RNs right now, because they can, starting pay, less than a new grad LPN at an LTC!

    Is there something wrong with this picture?