Any states only accept BSNs?

  1. An acquaintance claims that there are some states that only allow BSNs to sit for the NCLEX. I don't believe this, have searched around a bit and haven't seen anything like this.

    Does anyone have any input? I'm not interested in whether you think only BSNs should be licensed; I'm only interested in factual information: do some states only license BSNs, or do all states license 2 year and 4 year grads?
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  3. by   Altra
    All 50 states license registered nurse candidates who have completed an accredited nursing program - BSN, ADN, ASN or diploma.

    Just a point of clarification -- passing NCLEX and meeting the requirements for licensure in a specific state are two different things.
  4. by   elkpark
    At any given moment, there are usually few states talking about the possibility of making the BSN the entry to practice, but, as it stands now, there is no US state that actually has that requirement in place. The only US state that actually did pass legislation apecifying that only BSN grads could get licensed was North Dakota, many years ago, and they ended up rescinding the legislation after it proved unworkable.