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Hello everyone....I am new here...I am a registered nurse from the Philippines...i once attended a seminar by an agency here in my country that told me that i can go to Canada and be A registered nurse...i am quite apprehensive bcoz they told me that IELTS is not needed....Nevertheless, I already have my IELTS and my scores are good for Canada....i have 13 months of nursing experience as a regular ER and ward staff nurse and 4 months training as a dialysis nurse...moreover,,,the agency told me that the path to Canada is that i will just undergo a bridging course and then once i finish it,,,i can work as a nurse with temporary license while waiting for the CRNE exam....can some one give me some insight regarding this???also,,,can i apply to canada without going to an agency???in that way i can save money too...thank you in advance to those who will spend time about my inquiry....god bless us all...


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Please see the "sticky" regarding Internationally Educated Nurses and working in Canada, you need to consult the college of nurses in the province you are interested in immigrating to, most of us cannot help you. (The job market at this time is also not the greatest here.)

The process varies from province to province, and is long:

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The agency is wrong, IELTS is required for both registering as a nurse and for immigration. All information can be found on the CIC website including application form. Having over 12 months experience will qualify you for FSW1 route but you will need to be quick as it is capped (if you have no employer) to 500 and 252 have gone through already. Once the cap is full only applications with employer letter will be accepted. The forms are easy to complete and can be done without the use of an agency. You will however have to meet provincial college of RN requirements and immigration requirements which includes x amount of money in the bank proving you can support yourself initially when you arrive in Canada. However the fee is waivered if you have a employer.

Depending on which province you wish to live and work will depend on what the job situation is like. I am definitely seeing less jobs advertised in Nova Scotia and I know a couple other provinces look to locally trained new grads before elsewhere