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Regis college ABSN fall 2017

by Nk31 Nk31 Member

Greetings, everyone!

I applied to Regis college ABSN program for fall 2017 and I have been scheduled for an interview next week!

Anybody in the same boat?

Any tips/suggestions on the interview process would be of great help.


I am also applying to Regis' Fall 2017 program. I am just about to send in the last of my application materials... Good luck at your interview and feel free to let me know how it goes!

Hey, that's good to know. All the very best :up:with your application and interview!

I would say the interview is pretty laid back. Straightforward questions like your passion, future plans, why Regis? and such. It just lasted for 20 mins or so.

Let me know if I can help with anything else. Feel free to PM

Have a nice day!

Hello ! I just had my interview yesterday. Has anyone heard? She said that they are only taking 40 students. Did you get your acceptance letter in the mail? Big or small envelope ?


Don't know about acceptance letters since I was waitlisted, unfortunately, and that letter comes in a small envelope! Hope that helps and all the very best!!!

Hello, I just got an acceptance email the other day for the fall semester. They mentioned decisions would be made in early March so if you haven't heard anything from them by next week maybe check in with them? Wishing you luck!

Hi! I've also been accepted to the fall 2017 program!

Hi! New to allnurses but I've also been accepted to the fall 2017 program and will be attending!

Does anybody know if we'll be receiving a Regis username for Webadvisor/ Degree Audit websites?

Hey first off congrats!! I just wanted to know if you all have officially committed to Regis? Also what news have you gotten from them?

Hey have you officially committed to Regis and have you guys heard any info??

I have officially committed to Regis! As for any info, I know who my advisor is and was told to make an appointment for curriculum planning and advising. I still need to send in my medical report paperwork and all that!

Hi! I've also been accepted to the fall 2017 program!

Hey @veronicamarsh! Being that I applied to NYU too (didn't get in ) I've noticed you on the NYU forum. I just recently got taken off the waitlist at MGH! I wanted to know how you told Regis about not attending? I want to do it asap because I know what it is like to be on a waitlist, so I would love for someone to have my spot! Also do you know if the deposit is refundable? PM if you would like! Thanks!


I am also going to Regis for the ABSN in September! Congrats and good luck to us! Who did you get in touch with regarding being assigned an advisor? I didn't get none of that.

I don't believe we have set advisors in the accelerated program. All of my questions have gone through "M.C.," the director of 2nd degree programs at Regis (I'm not sure I am supposed to put specific names out on this website but all of the names and contact info are listed on the regis website if you do a little digging). She's also been sending emails since acceptance about pertinent information. Hope that helps!