regarding journal


Can someone please explain me this ,i have write journal but i am not understanding

here is detail topic is Interprofessional Team Communication and Collaboration

1. Develop an objective that reflects the above corresponding topic

2. Provide a description of events you encountered in your clinical practicum which facilitated meeting the objective and a description of the experience.

3. Evaluate your success in achieving the objective. What facilitated/blocked success?

4. What insights into yourself and the role of the professional nurse did you gain? Describe your thoughts, perceptions and feelings related to the experience. What areas did you identify which require additional knowledge/experience?

Develop a plan for continued development of knowledge and skills in the stated objective. Plan should include detailed specific activities describing the corrective action plan.

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Based on the phrasing of your post, it would appear that English may not be your primary language so the problem could just be related to the meaning of words that are unfamiliar to you. If you are confused about the assignment itself, you need to ask your instructor.


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I seriously suggest that you get to your college student help center or learning center or ESL center and get help with English. You are going to have an extremely difficult time in nursing school if you can't read this sort of assignment. Your textbooks, your patient charts, and the journal articles you will have to read will be at this level or higher. Get help now before you get too lost.