Referral Bonus, Y'all

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I'm seriously looking into traveling in the next couple of months. I would like to take recommendations from anyone who likes their travel company enough to refer a new nurse. Thanks a lot.



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Just to point out, this is a zero sum game. If the agency pays a referral bonus, that is a dollar less an hour that they are going to pay you. And in return, the agency gets a referral without any personal knowledge of that nurse from the referrer, deleting most of the value.



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I just signed my second contract with Trusted, after just about reaching the end of my first contract with them plus an extension. I have found my "nurse advocate" to be helpful and reachable, she was very helpful with arranging my extension and accessible when I have questions. But she is not pushy or manipulative at all. Jobs are available online with pay posted. Insurance day 1, accrue sick time.

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Hello, all, we welcome discussion on the pros/cons of utilizing referral bonuses and what companies you'd recommend, but we do ask that referral links not be publicly posted. Thank you!