Im considering applying for a position at a hospital where I have an actual chance of getting a job as an Rn after graduation versus where I work now which hires only bsn applicants. I'll be graduating with my adn this may... I was planning on staying where Im at now until I recently heard that they let PCAs go who get their nursing liscenses after graduation from ADN programs due to 'liability issue'. . . .

So no one is perfect, and neither am I. . .Ive had less then perfect attendance for the past year. Ive had to use 3 emergency personal days, and got sick twice this year. . . and the first time I missed 3 days (I was on considerable pain medication). I gave appropriate notice for all these times, and provided doctors notes for both times.... I had to use an emergency personal day the first time because I went off the road in bad weather trying to get to work (I live an hour from my job), the second time my fiance got into a serious car accident, and the third time I had ran over a deer the previous night and the extent of the damage wasnt apparent until I started driving to work the next day. . .

I also had an issue with a coworker earlier this year that I brought to the attention of my boss,and she kind of sided against me but no punitive actions where taken against me. . .

So as you can see my record has not been perfect but generally I arrive at work 15 minutes early, Im pleasant with people and when people ask me to jump I ask how high without giving an attitude, and Im more then willing to step up and take difficult assignments when asked too. Ive never been written up for anything, and my boss has never come back to me with complaints from coworkers. Im allowed 4 emergency personal days in a year, and Im not sure how many sick days, but I know the first issue only counts as one occurance since I provided a doctors note. . .

Im worried about what kind of feedback my boss will give, and if it will hurt my chances of getting a new job. I know my other two references, who are clinical instructors will give me great references though.

I mean Im sure people are able to secure new jobs in situations like mine, but what can I do If my current employer gives a bad reference, and should I be worried?


Edit: So Ive done some research and apparently some places only verify employment and nothing else unless the potential employer is willing to pay a fee. . . I think this might be the case with me, I filled out an application for an apartment 6 months ago and they got back to me about my employers refusing to release information without a fee. . . In this case should I just put down the hospital number or still give my bosses extension....Thanks!

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I always recommend giving 3 references: current boss, clinical instructors or another RN who you have worked with. Yes list your bosses extension.

If you had a decent evaluation from your boss, you should stop worrying over these minor work issues. Arriving 15min early a good habit.

As a Manager, i would state ok to hire and provide a positive about employee, especially when they are advancing in role from CNS to LPN/RN etc. Those that I've terminated over performance issues, I just sent employer to HR who would only release dates and hiring status.

Best wishes with joining the profession!



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THANKS! Sometimes people just need a little reassurance, thanks for giving me some! Now I gotta pull up my big boy pants and grab the bull by the horns! :woot: