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To apply to my nursing program we have to have 3 letters of reference. Who should I have write them? I am new to this area and I don't know many people. Should I have professors write them? They are basically one page that asks about work ethic and any problems there might be physically or emotionally...I assume they want someone who knows me fairly well. I have one friend that I also worked with for a time-she might be willing to do it. I'm at a loss.

Any ideas?



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It is not important that the letters be from people in your new geographical area -- it's more important that they be from people who know you well and are in a position to speak to how dependable, trustworthy, and motivated you are. Former professors and former employers are always good choices. If your friend is willing to write a reference for you, it would be better for her to emphasize the "coworker" aspect of your relationship rather than the "friend" aspect ... If you have a priest/pastor/rabbi/someone like that, that could be a good choice, esp. if you have been involved in some sort of project at your place of worship like serving on a committee or doing any teaching/childcare/etc. (that is, if the person has seen you "work," rather than just knowing you from attending services). Other good references might be bosses/supervisors at any volunteer organizations you've worked with, if you've done that -- basically, anyone who is able to comment on your abilities/potential for nursing from an objective perspective (not someone who would only say good things about you no matter what, like a mom or grandmother ... :) )

Best wishes for your journey --

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