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Reduced Tuition Fees for Dependents


DO you know of any hospital in Texas (usually affiliated with universities) that offer this great benefit to their employees?

Any info will be much appreciated.


I have noticed in my workplace that a lot of senior nurses who are supposed to have retired are still working because: 1) they need to send their kids to collge, or 2) they don't have medica/dental insurance.

I am thinking that if I could find a place of work who offers 1) reduced tuition benefit to dependents, and 2) health insurance with the same low premiums (group - not the COBRA) after retirement before age 65....then those will be a reason for me to be recruited and stay with that employer.

Any ideas, guys?:redbeathe

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Maybe nobody offers these great benefits, if only employers know that this can be a good recruitment/ retention scheme.

Still waiting.....for replies...:yawn:

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