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Hello all, 

So I'm soon to be a FNP hoping to become employed by the VA at some point.  My question is:  Is the VA willing and able to work with you to change the schedule or reduce hours if you decide to pursue additional education while working there?

For example, a FNP wanting to pursue a post-master's certificate in Acute Care or Psych, etc..    Would they allow one to reduce hours in order to attend clinical hours when needed in pursuit of additional education? 

While most of these certificate programs are online, you still need to do the actual hands-on clinical hours which could easily take two days or more per week for about a year or so.  I just want to know if that is acceptable with an entity such as the VA.


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My wife has a similar situation and was not allowed to cut back hours.  Every VA is different, so you may be able to find one that will let you work less than full time hours.  My understanding is that most VA positions are for full time RNs.  Some VAs have a very limited number of 'part-time' 24 hours a week; the PRN jobs are very highly coveted.  Few VAs have true PRN RN positions.


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Few VA have pt jobs, this has to do with the union contracts, but usually they are flexible with your schedule, 4 10s or going to 12s as examples, I know many nurses inaccommodate. (I work at a VA) right now and their managers were able to move their schedules around to accomodate.

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