Red Ribbon Week!

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What is everyone doing for Red Ribbon Week?

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Today we have crazy sock day, I guess the theme is "sock it to drugs"? Tomorrow is "give drugs the boot" day and we are supposed to wear cowboy boots and hats or other western-type clothes. I have not heard about the rest of the week yet, but I am sure our counselor has something up her sleeve.

Keep us updated!!!

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I finally got the schedule for the rest of the week. Tomorrow is "put a cap on drugs" day, and we are all to wear baseball caps. Thursday is "stay in the game, be drug free" and we are to wear sports jerseys or other sports related shirts. Friday is our Red Ribbon parade where the entire school marches around the neighborhood chanting "Say no to drugs!" We are all to wear red shirts, red bows or ribbons in the hair for girls, red headbands, jewelry, etc. Fun week!

M- Wearing all red.

T- Crazy socks.

W- Hat day.

TH-Pajama day.

F- Halloween party.

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