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I have a question that I would like to ask and recieve an honest response. I know that there are now possible more recruiters looking for nurses than nurses at this point. What makes one recruiter different from another and how do you decide which recruiter to give your time to. Many of them seem to me like they are selling a used car not a life changing move. Please advise me on what to look for and how others handle this situation.


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My wife and I have been traveling now for about four years. We have worked for Core Medical, Nurses Rx, Fastaff/U S Nursing and now are with Aureus. The best answer is Which recruiter do you feel more comfortable with? Which one seems more interested in you? Then check out the company and see if what they offer is exactaly what you want. We have been able to pick our jobs and locations. TELL them what YOU want and WHERE you will go!

Good luck!


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I've switched jobs a fair number of times in my 26 years of nursing, and to me, the recruiter has never made much difference one way or the other. I always evaluated the job itself, the institution, the people I would be working with on a regular basis, the compensation, etc. I always figure that the recruiter is someone I'll probably have little contact with once I actually take the job.

What matters to me most about a recruiter is whether or not they help me through the job application process effectively, answers phone calls promptly, etc., has (or can get) and shares information about the job readily, etc. Are they the resource I need to get the information I need to make my decision about the job?



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I went through a recruiter recommended to me by another nurse. I thought word of mouth was the best way to pick one, and I wasn't dissapointed.

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I agree with fergus.


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