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Just wanted to know if any of you have any tips, thoughts etc for me. I'm just starting a new position in Recovery Room (PACU). I have had a yr on a Tele/Step down unit, so I'm wondering. I had 2 days in recovery during nursing school(over 2 yrs ago) and loved the experience.

Thanks in advance.


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Find a local chapter of ASPAN and join, whenever starting in a new specialty area join that areas professional organization and work on becoming certified in that specialty. ASPAN = American Society of Peri Anesthesia Nursing

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Also, good to get ACLS certified if not already.

I recommend this book, it is GREAT! "Post Anesthesia Care Nursing" by Kim Litwack. Read the whole book, it has everything you could ever want to know. Also, some of those little pocket guides may help for the drugs, I think one company even makes one for critical care. Help me out someone, what is the name of that company? My little pocket/guide w/ calculator is downstairs in my work bag!

OK Sharann, I checked my bag, and it's the Checkmate Brand, and I meant to say they also have a PACU style too. I got the pacu guides to add to mt Critical care style, and I love it. Has the chart with all the dermatomes, etc... I don't have the number, but check it out hereCheckmate . Hope that helps! Enjoy PACU nursing. I loved it, but I couldn't do the M-F schedule with my kids in school, had to go back to weekends. It is my favorite area of hospital nursing!

Thanks for the advice. I have ACLS but still need PALS (the hospital will put me through it). I am looking forward to this new adventure in nursing. That's what I love about nursing, you can search all avenues until you find your niche.


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