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Recovery for LPN

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I'm an LPN currently on a 2yr suspension in LA. I'm just about to complete a 1yr inpatient program for Substance abuse. I contacted BON to see if all drug screens ( which was neg) can count as 1 yrs of drug screen stipulated in Board Order. The answer was no ,only the assessments. That make no sense to me. Need Advice

rn1965, ADN

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First, congratulations on one year of VERY hard work! Take care of yourself through all of this!

Next, remove your real name from your profile. Too many people (employees of BON, etc) read these threads and you will want anonymity when expressing your thoughts here.

Lastly, please get an attorney who can navigate the BON for you. They may be able to help with this issue better than we can.

You can do this! Many of us have walked your same path, and still are. We are here for you!