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How do you do that. I see some people do that but how do you do it. I asked a few nurses and nursing students at work but they didn't seem to know. They say their friends could do it by burning CD's. I just want to know if its the regular tape recorder or what do they use? I would like to record my teachers lectures and listen to them maybe in my car and while exercising instead of wasting my time listening to regular music. I would like to take in as much as possible so I get the best grades I can get. Does anyone listen to their hour 1/2 lectures again after just being in class? If so does it work for you guys? Any input would be greatly appreciated.


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I'm assuming no one knows how to do this that's why no one's replying. Maybe I shouldn't have had posted it over here. Thanks for the help!


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I'm assuming no one knows how to do this that's why no one's replying. Maybe I shouldn't have had posted it over here. Thanks for the help!

Patience is a virtue...

The only thing I think you could do is maybe use a tape recorder in class then record it to your computer using a microphone and the sound recorder application and save it as either a wav or midi file. Maybe then you could transfer it to your ipod. I've never owned an ipod so I'm not sure what type of format you'd need to save it as.

Hope this helps!!!

I have a little device that goes right onto my ipod which records and saves the file. It's called Micromemo by XtremeMac and works really well!I can just listen to it from my ipod or use itunes to burn a cd.


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I saw online a while ago a little attachment microphone type thing that allows you to use your ipod as a digital voice recorder. Maybe if you do some kind of google search you could find it.

You could also look for a digital voice recorder that can connect to your computer and saves the files as a mp3 or some other compatible format for your ipod. Then just transfer the files to your ipod.

I'm sure if you just look around on the internet you can find something. Hope this helps!


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I have a little recorder that I use but I just listen to it off of that and don't bother transferring it to anything else. It is pretty small ..I just pop in my earplugs and away I go. I also listen to it in my car but just without the earphones. Good luck !!!


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Patience is a virtue...

Yes Indeed!!

You might want to check out this thread. It has some great suggestions on digital voice recorders you can use to download your lectures to your computer. I personally think it is a great idea. Repetition never hurt anyone right?


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I did this, I used a digital recorder, then either listened to it right from there or uploaded it to my computer. From there I could convert to mp3 and do anything with it! I even e-mailed some lectures to a couple of classmates. The other thing I did which helped a ton, was to record my own voice quizzing myself off flashcards and such, then I could listen to my own notes whenever I wanted, like while cooking or folding laundry!

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