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My Air Force Recruiter would like me to have my unit manager to complete an Air force Recommendation Letter for me. I am a little unsure of how to go about this since I have only been employed at this facility for about 2 months. My recruiter told me that when I was interviewing for the job NOT to tell them I was thinking about joining the Air Force, so at this point in time they have no idea...but soon they will know since I have to have a completed Recommendation Letter. Anybody have a good idea of how to approach my manager and have them not be angry with me? So far I would say that I have done an excellent job at work (new grad, 1st job). My recruiter wants this completed before I have my Nursing Interview with the Chief Nurse.:uhoh3:



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Well, I think you can tell your manager that you were thinking of joining the Reserves and that you needed a recommendation letter. I dont know if you want it known that your thinking of leaving permanently because you dont need your manager to start acting differently towards you... trust me i know..

It would be best to be honest with your unit manager. Perhaps set up a meeting with you manager and express your gratitude for your job and the learning opportunity and the such. I would then tell them you have another passion to serve your country and tell them you are in the process of applying to the Air Force and that you would appreciate their support, and would like a recommendation from them. I would make it seem as though you are choosing them to write the recommendation rather than the fact you need it from them. I was in a similar situation when I started the AF experience, I had been working as a new grad for about 5 months. My nurse manager never begrudged me, if anything they may have gained respect for the choice I was making. Hope this helps. GOOD LUCK!

I would hate if my unit manager took it against me. I like the unit that I am on, and most people there are great to work with. I started the process for applying for the Air Force in late June 2010, about a full 2 months before I interviewed and started my job at the beginning of September. The problem that I know of right now is that the unit currently has a low retention rate...especially for new nurses who are only there for 6 months to 1 year. Just last week everybody filled out a survey about how to improve staff retention. I am trying show that I care about the unit (which I do) by being actively involved in committees. Nursing boards are currently set for Febuary and from what I have heard they are extremely competitive. There is th potential chance that I would not be selected (but I have never heard of someone getting this far and not being selected). The earliest I would leave for COT would most likely be August 2011, which would give me almost a year working at my unit...but I can not guarantee that I will work to such and such date as the Air Force basically tells you when you go for COT.

I was so hesitant to asked my previous unit manager about recommendation letter too, but I realized there's no need. They are manager because they are professional. They expected people leave for so many reasons. My previous manager was so happy when I told her that I want to join the Amry, and I need a recommendation letter. She gave me a good recommendation letter. Then after few weeks, I talked to her that I applied internal job transfer to CVICU. She recommends me to CVICU unit manager then I was hired. Don't hesitate! They are called manager for so many reasons and for so many good characters.

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