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Hi, I recently passed my nclex rn but it's a New York license, I live in Philadelphia. I only applied for ny because people advised me to do so for easier paperwork. I'm wondering if anyone was in the same situation. I need advise about this process. I know about reciprocity, but i need personal experience of someone that went through with this. Thank you! Btw, i graduated outside of US, but i am a citizen.

I never understand why people advise people to apply for licensure in a different state because of something like "the paperwork is easier" when the outcome is going to be that you end up with a license in a state in which you don't want to work. Have you looked at the PA Board of Nursing website? It should have all the info and forms you need to apply for licensure "by endorsement" as an internationally-educated nurse. What kind of "personal experience" do you think you need from someone else? FYI, you will probably have to complete all the same paperwork and jump through all the same hoops that you would have if you had just applied for PA licensure in the first place. Best wishes!

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New York for IEN requires CVS whereas most other states require CES. As mentioned above it doesn't make sense not applying to the state you plan living and working in as it generally means spending more money meeting requirements

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