Recently returned to nursing


I recently returned to nursing after a 4yr hiatus. I'm not sure I should have. I'd forgotten how abusive and toxic some nurses can be towards their aides and other nurses. And how their bullying behavior can be tolerated by unit managers and DONs for various reasons.

I'm disheartened and unhappy most days. I was so excited to return to nursing, I missed doing what I love, and this is the working environment I've entered.


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I'm sorry to hear that! I too just returned to work after a 3 year break while attending RN school but I went the ped homecare route so its just me in the homes taking care of the child. Maybe look for another job if its too much to handle.


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I'm going to be returning very soon after a 5 year hiatus. The lack of LPN opportunity coupled with the memory of the situations that you described; doesn't give me confidence for a meaningful return. I have been thinking of the back biting, 2 face, judgmental crap that goes along with being a LPN. So I understand.


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You are so accurate!!!! I'm experiencing the same thing currently. I was treated so badly I almost lost my desire to be a Nurse. I sucked it up and ignored the idiots and focused on patient care and providing the best care possible OAN I applied for jobs and will be leaving in 2 weeks, I will be going to assisted living. I hope and pray I find better people and opportunities there!!!!!