Received Acceptance Letter Today! :)

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i was soooo nervous that i was not going to be accepted into the program...i knew i did well on my entrance test and my college gpa is pretty good (3.54)..but you know those "what if's" just kept poppin' up and i was 2nd guessing on how i did ...gotta work on that! lol

anyway!! i will be starting the fall lpn program at fccj in jacksonville, fl on august 29th!! :) program is 11 mos. in duration.

i have orientation august 11th.. looking forward to sharing our nursing classroom/clinical experiences with each other as we progress thru this time.


"the late bloomer!" :)



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Congratulations on your success!

I too was accepted into an 11 month program here in NY and begin in September. Just got my book list today and cant wait to start. Good luck to you. :) :balloons:


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I started class july 13th only 24 of 150 were accepted, anywhoo mine is also and 11 month course been in class 7 days now and have already had 4 exams talk about a crash course

gl hun I know i need it lol




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sending good wishes to you all who will be in school as well!! :) :)


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Awesome! Best of luck to you!

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