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Can anyone help with guidelines for reassessment by an RN? Our current policy states q 24hrs. Our sister facilities say it should be every shift...It would be hard to have an RN do the shift assessment every shift in our facility. We have a great group of LPNs that will not heitate to ask if they are not sure what they see or hear...

I can not find anything that "states" the time frame. JCAHO leaves it up to the facility. Most say it is based on acuity more than a clock.

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Each new RN makes an assessment on their assigned patients. IF its a 12 hour RN,, they get 1 assessment in 12 hours. If its a 8 hr Rn, they get assessed once in 8 hours. Part time Rn's who might work 4 hr segments, have to at least put a note in on each patient or do an assessment. Most choose to do a note on a 4 hr shift unless there is problems with the patient.

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It is specified in your Board of Nursing Guidelines...............just look it up.

Each state can set their own requirements, but it is usually an RN every shift.


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Our guidelines state what the assessment is, the scope of the RN, scope of the LPN but says nothing about times.

JCAHO leaves it up to the hospital to define times. I have not sorted through all of the CMS regs yet.

I think that in our case it is one of those" it has always been done that way" things that no one can remember why.

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