the reason we have to give so many presentations...

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is what?

is it because in some hospital somewhere (not anywhere i or anyone i know of has worked at or done clinicals at, of course) staff nurses regularly give researched presentations to seated audiences of 20-30 people?

is it to give teachers a break from teaching?

is it because of some arbitrary rule by some governing board somewhere?

somebody explain it to me please because i don't see the point.

It helps you to become more competent in certain areas. It also helps you to enlighten your classmates on different topics...each different presentation will share different information that people may or may not have known. I still remember things from other presentations I heard in school, that I actually use today as a nurse. It also helps you build confidence and character as a person. Getting comfortable speaking in front of's pretty important. And yes, nurses in the hospital do presentations often depending on what position you take. Several floor nurses are involved in the new associate orientations at my hospital. They're also involved in presentations for continuing education. There's always change going on in how your hospital is run, and who else will teach nurses how to adapt to these changes? Other nurses. Especially those working in the same hospital who have been involved in committees and trained to teach these things. I'm half asleep, but does it make any sense?

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I agree with the above post, after doing them for the last 3 years I can see a lot of points to them. Confidence, is one. Teaching is a big part of nursing and the presentations to the class teach you how to teach. You learn to put things in systematic order so as to make it easier to teach. A lot of the hospitals I've been to have inservices, which are presentations.

I remember my first one made me feel so nervous I thought I would be sick. I told myself that I would learn to love these before I finished my course, well I learned to love giving them by the end of my first year. I took the focus of myself by viewing the presentations as a way of helping my class have knowledge in my subject enough to pass the exam. I would break systems down and put everything in laymans terms so we could all better understand what we were being taught in lectures. I love giving presentations, and always get 100% on them. Just wish I could say the same for my assignments.

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