REALITY BITES!! The Truth After Nursing School

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I have a class to present entitled: REALITY BITES!! The Truth After Nursing School.

I would appreciate any words of wisdom that only nurses can offer. Let me know your opinions.

If you are concerned because you feel anxious, overwhelmed and frightened, that is more or less the way four out of five people feel. The best thing is to have a mentor or peer to whom you can talk, someone who is non judgemental, some one who can show empathy and will not find fault. Goodluck and God Bless.

In regards to Oramar's post, may I suggest that that mentor be someone with whom you do NOT work. Nurses are very competitive and can be vicious (mostly women, after all - the most vicious of any species) and are notorious for eating their young. Just a word to the wise. Keep your personal life away from work. Keep socialization with co-workers to a minimum. Trust me.

Ganurse, the truth is gonna be painful. As hard as you try to do the right thing the way you were taught, it will not be possible. One will barely have time on the floor to deliver hands on nursing, half of the time will be spent on documentation, documentation, documentation. Get use to 5 minute lunch or dinner breaks or none at all. The truth is bsn programs expect us to go back and get our masters and become nursing leaders. Somehow I was never told in class of the nurse patient ratios, hard work, and low pay. Nursing is a TOUGH career. Some love it,but all the people I know are either lukewarm, burned out, or have to pay their mortgage.

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