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Reading nursing textbooks

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Hello, everyone. I am a new nursing student, currently enrolled in a BSN program. As you can see in the title, I am curious on how can I learn to read nursing school textbooks. Any tips will be greatly appreciated.


You can start by searching under the Topic 'Nursing Student' and further under 'Study Tips for Students'. This will surely get you a few good hits. Otherwise, I wrote an article here https://allnurses.com/nursing-study-tips/from-one-student-1020425.html and you can scroll down to the section entitled "Assigned Readings" for help on this subject matter. Also, charts and tables in the readings were always useful for me.

Good luck!

I always just read it like a story. Didn't take notes or highlight anything the first time, then I went and skimmed through it again. The second time I would take my notes or highlight. (Usually based on either the learning objectives from the books or objectives provided by the instructor)Then I would review the info or class notes with a classmate so we could listen to what the other person thought was the key information. Good luck! Everyone kinda finds what works best for them eventually, ends up being trial and error for each class/instructor sometimes. I feel like I had to have a different strategy each semester it seemed like.


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