reading these forums makes me nervous!

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is it just me, or does reading some of the questions in these forums make other people really think twice about becoming a nurse? like about quitting after only a few months, how hard it is, etc...its really making me scared! maybe nursing is not for me. is it stupid to let a nursing forum scare you out of your dream of becoming a nurse?

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These forums are giving you a true view of what the nursing profession is really like, a view more accurate than what you might read in a career guide or on that Discover Nusing site.

Look at it this way: it's better you visit here find out about all the ups and downs of nursing now (even if they seem intimidating or scary), before you sink 2-4 years of time and money into a nursing education thinking that nursing is something it's not.

And yes, I get worked up over some of the things I read here and wonder if I should do something else. :) But you have to remember every job has its ups and downs, so why should nursing be any different? The downs aren't enough to scare me off for good.


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Bear in mind though that these forums are giving you a concentrated view of problems! While it might look scarey there are possibly loads of happy fulfilled nurses out there! Use these forums to learn about problems and how to solve them,the one thing you learn on here is good advise and lots of support.If you're set on a nursing career go for it ,don't let yourself be put off by us!:lol2:


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Think about it ... People who are basically happy in their jobs and have no big issues going on rarely spend a lot of time writing about it. The people who are motivated to ask a question are people who are looking for help of some kind -- which means they have some sort of problem or issue that they would like some help with.

The questions and issues that start threads are just that -- questions and issues that are causing trouble for someone. The posts are not a truly random selection of thoughts that people have about their nursing careers.



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I agree with nightmare. I know in my own experience I very seldom come on here and say "GREAT CLINICAL DAY WOO HOO!" or "PASSED THAT FLUID & ELECTROLYTE EXAM WITH A B", but you will find me posting the negative..about how I thought F/E would kill my chances of being a nurse etc. Think of as a place that many come to vent about negative situations, but don't tend to come on here & crow about the positives. Good luck!


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Also keep in mind there are almost 300,000 nurses on here so if a few quit so soon, the percentage is actually very very small. probably less than one percent.

I think this would be way less than the general population of people who has a degree in one field and not even working in that field. I have seen reports that percentage is as high as 30%

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